Pearl University

Pearls, commonly known as the queen of gems, have a rich history deeply rooted as the gem of gems, and are said to be the world's oldest gemstones. This is due to the fact that pearls were revered even before their history traced back to 2400 BC, excavated from the sarcophagus of a Persian queen. Their beauty and rarity spread as they became favored by royalty such as Julius Caesar, Chinese royals, and Egyptian pharaohs, defining them as a high status symbol.

Today, we create pearl jewelry that can be a part of your everyday use. We focus on conveying the profound charm of pearls so that everyone can feel this royalty up close.

A straw hat adorned with pearls and a white flower, complemented by a pearl piercing.

Pearl Insights

Pearls are mainly treated as jewelry but amazingly transcend traditional forms, finding uses in cosmetics, clothing, and even in paints as a crushed form. Pearls are used in facial foundations and as garnishes in drinks. Click here to learn more about the history and creation of pearls.

Types of Pearls

Generally, the white, nearly round Akoya pearls are the most valuable and in demand. However, each pearl, with its variety of colors and shapes, possesses a wide range of beauty. Also, pearls are cultivated in various geographic environments, each with its unique specialized cultivation method. Click here to read more about the specifics of pearl cultivation locations, colors, and sizes.