A story that transcends borders, transcends generations, and is passed down through four generations.


The company's founding dates back 130 years.


The family business began when the first generation began producing handmade goldsmiths in their home country of Armenia.


The second generation, who inherited this traditional technique, moved to Beirut and ran a jewelery business while being involved in the production of all kinds of jewellery.


The third generation, who took over the family business, learned how to cut diamonds and make jewelry, and in 1972 moved to Kobe, the city of pearls, to enter the pearl purchasing business, and named Casper after himself. Pearl Co., Ltd. is established. At that time, cultured pearls in Japan had the top share in the world, and the culture of pearls as a national specialty was deeply rooted. Starting with purchasing, wholesaling, and processing pearls in Japan, we have expanded our exports to top jewelers, sellers, and retailers in major countries around the world, and have established great trust worldwide. On the other hand, we are contributing .


Kevork Kuyumgyan, the 4th generation inheritor of half a century of tradition in the jewelry industry, emphasizes diversity in a world that is rapidly becoming globalized. “We want to spread the charm of unique pearls to the world.” This idea crystallized and in 2021, we established the company's official brand Pearlish to manufacture pearl jewelry and develop retail business domestically and internationally. We strive to create pearl jewelry that is unique, versatile, and sustainable, and would like to create a brand with a worldview and pass on our pride in our products to the next generation.