Marquise Hoop Piercing

Regular price ¥30,000

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Gold Marquise Earring with White Pearl Product shot
Marquise Hoop Piercing
Regular price ¥30,000

Earrings with baby pearls scattered on the diagonal of a three-dimensional form drawn in yellow gold.

A playful design that allows you to enjoy various ways to show pearls depending on the angle is impressive.

Update your simple outfit to a modern style.


  • Freshwater pearl 4 mm
  • 18k yellow gold


  • Total length 3cm

Please note that pearls are natural materials, so there may be individual differences in shape, size, color, etc. from photos and descriptions.

The dimples and dimples that are unique to pearls are not scratches, but the texture of the pearls because they are natural materials.Please enjoy its unique personality.

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