Heart Pearl Stud Piercing

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Heart Pearl Stud Piercing
Heart Pearl Stud Piercing
Regular price ¥36,000

Mabé heart-shaped pearls are extremely rare and valuable, created when a layer of nacre is wrapped around a heart-shaped nucleus inserted into a mabé shell. These stud earrings are simply tailored to maximize their beauty. The semi-circular shape of the earrings makes them easy to fit when worn. These small, adult-looking earrings, which combine elegance and loveliness, charmingly adorn your face with their mysterious luster and elegant presence.


  • Mabe Pearl
  • K18 Yellow Gold


  • Approx. 10mm (length) x 11mm (width)

Please note that pearls are natural materials and may vary in shape, size, color, etc. from those shown in the photos and descriptions.

 Pearl's unique dents and dimples are not flaws, but rather the expression of the pearl's texture due to the natural material it is made of. Please enjoy the uniqueness of this unique piece.

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