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Gold Fragmented Earrings

  • ¥35,200
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A beautiful minimalistic Akoya pearl earring made from 18K gold that creates a playful feeling on any occasion.

It is light and comfortable to wear and can be worn with a wide variety of different styles and jewelry!

[About material]

You can choose 18k yellow gold or 18k white gold.

Part number PE-0005

Material Akoya Pearl 8mm
18k yellow gold
size Overall length 4 cm

Part number PE-0016

Material Akoya Pearl 8mm
18k white gold
size Overall length 4 cm


Since pearls are naturally created, so very slight changes in shape, size, and color is possible.

Blemishes such as small spots are a part of the pearl giving it a unique characteristic. Pearls are natural and sensitive so take care of it with love!
Please enjoy its unique personality.