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Sway Pearl ピアス

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Product PE-0025
Material 🐚 Organic Fresh Water Pearl 7.5mm, 10.5mm
  ✨18K Yellow Gold
Size Overall Length 6.5cm


Product PE-0026

Material 🐚 Organic Fresh Water Pearl 7.5mm, 10.5mm
  ✨Pt850 Platinum
Size Overall Length 6.5cm

Designed with pearls of different sizes and colors on the top and bottom. The earring has an attractive contrast of small and large that shines gracefully and sways lightly.

Since the chain can be removed, you can enjoy the piece as a single pearl making it a 2-in-1 product! Enjoy both the single piece earring and sway based on your outfit that day.

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Since pearls are naturally created, so very slight changes in shape, size, and color is possible. Blemishes such as small spots are a part of the pearl giving it a unique characteristic. Pearls are natural and sensitive so take care of it with love! Please enjoy its unique personality!