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Pearl University

Welcome to our Pearl University!

Pearls, commonly known as The Queen of Gemstones, have a rich deep rooted history as a jewel in jewelry. It has been stated as the world’s oldest gem due to it’s history being revered long before written history dating back to 420BC where Persian Princes were decorated in the sarcophagus. Its beauty and scarcity defined itself as a high status symbol promoted by royalty, commonly seen on Julius Caesar, Chinese royalty, Egyptian Pharaoh, and more. Today, we attempt to create pearl jewelry for everyone and to use daily as a part of yourself! We focus on conveying the beauty of pearls to everyone while making it accessible so everyone can feel like they’re their own royalty.




The Wonders of Pearls

Predominantly found in jewelry, pearls surprisingly have multiple uses outside of its conventional one. It has been found in cosmetics, medicine, and even paint in its grinded up form. Pearls can be found in many facial foundations and has even been used as a garnish in a drink! Dive into the history of pearls and it’s creation by clicking here to continue…













Types of Pearls

The Status Quo is a white round pearls being most valuable and sought after within pearls. However, there’s such a wide range of beauty in pearls coming in different colors and shapes. Each geographic location that pearls are farmed have their own unique speciality. Look into different colors, locations, and sizes that pearls can come in! Click here to continue…