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Our History

Humble Beginning

Armenia, 1883. The first generation of the Pearlish family enters the handmade goldsmith industry, harnessing traditional goldsmithing practices to create fine-crafted precious metalwork.
These bespoke manufacturing and trade practices are carefully handed down to the second generation of the family, moving operations to Beirut, Lebanon. Here, we produce high-quality finished jewelry for local consumers and tradespeople.


As the third generation of our family craftspeople inherit the business, we looked to diversify by introducing diamond trading and cutting. Now 1972, the company relocates once more to the City of Pearls: Kobe. Kaspar Pearl Co. Ltd. is quickly established and immerses itself in domestic pearl purchasing, wholesaling and manufacturing. Exponential success soon follows Kaspar and the family, allowing him to export the company’s products to jewelers, sellers and retailers across the globe.

Looking to the Future

The latest generation of the family and iteration of the business is ushered in by Kevork Kuyumgyan. Kevork intimately understands the nuanced traditions of the jewelry industry whilst also setting sights on the future growth and influence of the company. His aim; “to introduce the mother of jewels - the pearl - to every corner of the world.”
So, in 2021, Pearlish was established to carry out Kevork’s vision of manufacturing pearl jewelry for a truly global retail business. Our values are uncompromising: to produce bespoke, sustainable pearl jewelry that is truly timeless. We embrace the knowledge and traditions of the generations that have gone before us, allowing us to create only the finest pearl jewelry that will last for generations to come.