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    Pearl × Stylish = Pearlish 


    Pearlish was born from the amalgamation of Pearl x Stylish, our two most important values.
    We use only the highest quality pearls and traditional Japanese craftsmanship to create sophisticated,
    timeless pearl jewelry, drawing on over 130 years ago of experience and heritage
    to produce jewelry that lasts a lifetime.

    Our traditions stretch back over 130 years, originating in Armenia,
    where goldsmithing practices were perfected and passed down to future generations.
    Eventually, the family business set a course for Japan and entered the domestic wholesale pearl industry.
    Together, we have been able to transcend borders and generations to develop
    comprehensive expertise in goldsmithing, pearl wholesaling, jewelry manufacturing, and diamond cutting.

    By sourcing high-quality, rare pearls from all over the world,
    we can create coveted, intricate pieces of jewelry that stand the test of time.
    No two pearls are identical, and it's this unique individuality that Pearlish embraces and encourages.
    Like our pearls, you are one-of-a-kind, and you deserve to express who you are wherever you go,
    in whatever you do. There is no such thing as imperfection, only individuality.

    Designer Miho Kuyumgyan


    Our Vision

    To inspire and encourage confidence, individuality, and empowerment in all women through visual beauty from our unique pearl jewellery.

    Our Mission

    To create fine pearl jewellery for everyday, at a discounted price, through sophisticated Japanese craftmaship.

    To provide genuine pearls and gemstones, and to promote and perform ethically at all times.