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How We Price and Source

Our Price

Here at Pearlish, we believe in affordable luxury - that everyone should be able to obtain mother nature’s most beautiful creations.
How are we able to do this?
It’s simple. We’re able to purchase our high-quality pearls at wholesale price using our parent company, Kaspar Pearl Co. Ltd., utilising over 50 years of wholesale experience to get the best prices. This allows us to drastically lower our cost-per-product, resulting in accessible luxury that lasts.

Pearlish vs Traditional Retailer's Mark up Comparison

Our Sourcing Methods

We are dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality jewelry using traditional, sustainable production techniques that have been honed over generations.

 Pearlish prides itself on social and environmental sustainability, working ethically to ensure the future of our business and the wider world. That’s why we only select manufacturing and supply chain practices that align with our values. All of the materials we use in our products can be traced back to their origin, allowing us to measure the quality and the environmental impact they exert. By selecting partners and materials that offer transparency, we can create a positive ethical impact. Our pearl experts possess over 40 40years of industry experience, valuing and assembling the finest pearls known to man. Coupled with our specialist manufacturing partners, we implement sustainable processes that can handle even the most complex of designs.